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Eden Tree offers

Design Services

Garden Coaching and Consulting and

Educational Workshops and Presentations


Simple, Effective and Low Maintenance...

  1. -Organic Gardens

  2. -Permaculture Developments

  3. -Community Initiatives

  4. -Small Farms

  5. -Livestock Rearing

  6. -Homesteading

  7. -and more!

Workshop Examples

We usually run programs through Port Alberni Parks and Rec. Look for current offerings in the Parks and Rec Healthy Living Guide

Intuitive Pruning

We’ll start with an overview of the principals and general rules of pruning then move into the field to assess various trees and shrubs. Participants will be guided towards intuiting how they will respond to various cuts and will be shown past cuts and evidence of the plants response. Many plants will be featured including apple and pear trees, plum, cherry, peach, blueberries, raspberries and ornamentals.

Eat Your Yard!

Permaculture is a design method for sustainable land use. Within a permaculture system, work is minimized, ‘wastes’ become resources, productivity and yields increase and environments are restored. Topics in this workshop include determining and placing components, using earthworks for water retention, integrating chickens, planting for diversity, composting, soil building and more. You’ll be coached to draft your own edible landscape design

Garden Kids, 5-10 yrs

Bugs! Bees! Worms and Dirt! This is a great opportunity to foster a child’s love of nature. Children will develop knowledge and practical life skills through activities like planting seeds, making garden crafts, tasting new foods, playing nature games, taking forest walks, observing chickens, ducks and rabbits, collecting eggs and bird watching. Your child will bring home some seedlings - keep a corner free in your garden for those!

Edible Weeds and Other Useful Plants

So many easy to grow plants are overlooked in garden planning! Learn which weeds are edible and nutritious and what they can tell you about your soil type. Find out how to include plants that function as dynamic accumulators and nitrogen fixers to boost soil fertility and compost yields. Plan for perennial food production and discover useful plants for dyes, fibre and wood crafting. We’ll cover edible wild berries and native species too! Workshop will start with an informative, wild-harvested tea sipping circle then move into a walk- about to ID useful plants both in the garden and in the wild.


Basic rate for landscape design, consulting and coaching services -

$80 for first hour on site

$50 per additional hour

  1. BulletFirst hour fees include assessment of initial email questionnaire and project briefing.

  2. BulletAll design and consults include a brief written summary. 

  3. BulletReports with research, images, drawings, timelines resources and design info charged by hourly rate or by quote after on site consultation.

* Ask about reduced rates for community or school projects and qualified farms *

Rates for workshops and presentations -

Variable, please inquire

Here’s What Some Clients Had To Say -

“You are the Angel in the right place at the right time. You listened to what we had to say and gave us a written plan that is simple and comprehensive that we can follow and implement.”

“I am loving the suggestions coming, please continue, and I am going to not feel guilty when I don't get them all done!”

“Thanks again for everything, I am still amazed at the plan you gave me.  It has given me a starting point and direction which is what I really needed.”

The Creative Design Process

The Eden Tree creative process generally starts with a pre-meeting assessment, written and delivered via email.  This establishes the clients wants and needs and determines the expected scope of the project. 

An on-site consultation follows where the site is explored and assessed.  Ideas are generated and shared with clients on-site and a project plan starts to take shape.  Depending on client needs, measurements will be taken and simple drawings generated.  The on-site sessions typically end with a clear  direction forward and understanding of landscape constraints and assets.

Insights and creative ideas often flourish in the designer’s mind post-meeting and a short summary email with final thoughts is always provided. Longer reports with resources, drawings, images, timelines and other design info can be generated if desired. 

Follow-up sessions on site are available as projects progress or if new issues arise.

Garden Coaching?

This can be anything you want it to be.  Some folks like step by step advice and others just want a hand to hold as they blaze their own trail down the garden path.  How can we help?  Just let us know...

Please contact us with inquiries




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