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Cultivating Community!

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Alberni Valley Gleaning Project
School Gardens 
We are a part of a group who successfully installed and helped to manage a food garden at the Alberni Elementary School in Port Alberni, BC.
A huge thanks to all the volunteers, teachers, students and community members who contributed to the project.
This garden project, like many others, has struggled in recent years, without a paid coordinator or another dedicated volunteer. 
Would you like to help create a region-wide program to embed school gardens into our educational culture? This is high priority stuff, and it is on the radar of both local government and Alberni Valley Transition Town Society’s Food Hub.
Drop us a line, we’d love to help connect you into the project!  http://www.avtransitiontown.org/food-group/shapeimage_3_link_0


Do you have an organization worthy of and in need of fresh fruit?

Do you have fruit trees that need picking?

Would you like to volunteer to pick fruit in exchange for a share?

Eden Tree founded the AVGP in 2012, and passed along its management in 2016.

Many thanks to all who participated in those early years, and to AVTTS and Sarah Thomas who carried it on and brought it to full ‘fruition’.

The Alberni Valley has an abundance of fruit trees.  In a gleaning program, volunteers harvest unwanted produce and the bounty is shared - 1/3 to homeowners, 1/3 to volunteers and 1/3 to citizens in need.

Do you have fruit trees that need harvesting? Would you like to volunteer as a picker or in some other fashion?  Check out Alberni Valley Gleaning Project for more information.

Here’s what one tree donor had to say...

I would like to thank you and your volunteers for doing such a wonderful job of picking our apples!  The group arrived with all their equipment, picked apples until they ran out, and raked up all the debris, including the previously fallen apples.  The children were well-behaved and polite, and quite happily played with the dogs.  My husband allowed them to swim in the pool, and they were no problem at all.

Thank you for taking care of our bumper crop--I can now relax and enjoy the rest of the summer.  You can be sure I will recommend you and your services to anyone else who has a surplus crop!”

AV Kids Garden Club 
It’s for the kids!  We grow food and cultivate the soil in a large part to foster health within our children.  We believe involving children in food and gardening processes is key to a healthy and environmentally sustainable future.  In Corynn’s 7th, 8th and 9th year, she reached out to other kids by creating and running a child-led Kids Garden Club.  At 10, Corynn’s interest is focused on other activities, and Mom took over. The program did not run in 2017, but Anna has expressed some interest in taking it over. Look for it again in the Alberni Parks and Rec Healthy Living Guide. See some of the previous years posters here and email heather@edentreefarm.ca if you are interested in participating.History,_name,_%26_logo.htmlKids_Garden_Club.htmlmailto:hms14@shaw.ca?subject=Gleaing%20Projectshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2

Getting local fruit out into the community!

Are you a farmer within the ACRD?

Are you a retailer, wholesaler, restauranteur or individual looking to purchase locally grown agricultural products?

ACRD Agricultural Plan


We lead a team, contracted by the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District, to assist with implementation  of our local Agricultural Plan

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