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Eden Tree wouldn’t be what it is without the participation of our many volunteers.
Some of our volunteers have gone home with dozens and dozens of plants.  Others take food, either for body or thought.  What do you have to offer and what would you like in return? 
We happily offer room and board to out of town volunteers, and have hosted people from around the world.  We don’t get a chance to travel often, but love bringing the world to us!
Interested?  Drop us a line.mailto:hms14@shaw.ca?subject=volunteeringshapeimage_2_link_0
From time to time we are able to offer paid employment, usually with the help of a government or local program.  Sign up for our newsletter or check our Facebook Page for job postings as they come up.
When we need skilled labor we will pay or barter for services.  If you have a need and are skilled in construction, tree trimming/falling, excavation work or other trades please drop us a line and inquire about a possible arrangement.   mailto:hms14@shaw.ca?subject=subscribehttps://www.facebook.com/EdenTree/shapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1
We will put your waste to good use!  All of the following can be dropped off and reused/repurposed.  Please email ahead with large quantities or to ask about other items.  We often have extras of some of these things, and if you’d like, we’ll pass them along to you too!

Compost / Yard Waste
Plant Pots
Mason/Canning jars
Screw Top Glass jars (especially small sizes, about 250 ml) 
Plastic Salad containers
Large Plastic Yoghurt Type Containers
Plastic U-Brew Beer Bottles
Egg Cartons (cardboard please)
Old Fencing, Wire, Twine, Wood, PVC Pipe, Coroplast and Other Building Materials