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Eden Tree was founded in 2010 with the first-year support of Community Futures.

Anna was just a wee baby, and Heather was a homeschooling mama to Corynn.

Like many, many young moms, fresh food and self-sufficiency became a subject of considerable passionate, and my lifelong love of gardening ramped into overdrive.

The original farm property consisted of two separate sites; one with a large pasture and open spaces, and the homestead property, where farm gate sales, interpretive tours, and educational events took place. In the early days, Heather tried her hands at just about everything - from pork to lamb, wheat to raspberries, and garden supplement sales to preserves and locally-made retail foods.

These days, Eden Tree operates solely on the 2 acre homestead. Sales have been streamlined (hot tip for those of you wanting to do it all!) to a much narrower line of products, and now farm sales focus on nursery plants, chicken and rabbit, comb honey, and smaller quantities of fruits and vegetables.

The business always planned on offering consulting and educational services, but the level of interest and the influence of the clients proved to be a welcome surprise. Eden Tree’s primary consulting client is now the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD), where Heather takes the role of Agricultural Support Worker, with a focus on stimulating the agricultural production and food security of the entire region.  

Our Name

Contrary to popular assumption, we are not a ‘Tree Farm’!  The name ‘Eden Tree’ was inspired by the apples trees in the backyard - 2 trees that produce a total of 5 varieties of apples - in different colours and flavours, and ripening throughout the year. Those trees seemed indicative of the quintessencial paradise.

Although it may imply a religious bent as well, it was not meant to be a reference to any particular faith. It is interesting to note however, that in the bible, it was the consumption of fruit from the Tree of Knowledge that spurred the demise of Adam and Eve and led them to fall from paradise. Thus ‘Eden Tree’ also reminds me that having a sense of ‘knowledge’ and ‘righteousness’ or ‘truth’ does not in fact free us, but rather imprisons us in a way and takes us away from the freedom of paradise. Black and white causes division and discords, while acceptance and curiosity can help keep the peace.

Our Logo

It may be a bit simple, but it was drawn by 5 year old Corynn, and it’s staying!

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