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Farm Products


The chickens rule the roost!  In our yard, ‘free-range’ means these birds get into everything.  Try as we might, the fences never seem chicken-proof enough.  They eat the greens, the grass, the broccoli, the worms and the food scraps.  They also get certified organic chicken feed.

These birds are well loved and a constant source of entertainment.

Red Jungle Fowl

The ancestor of all domesticated chickens! Small, hardy, colourful, character-full, good brooders, and flighty. Great for interpretive farms and gardens. Price varies with age.

Heritage Laying Hens

Our original stock was Black Australorp and Barred Rocks, with a few other varieties mixed in for good measure.  Most of them now are Black Australorps; beautiful, big and gentle birds. We lost our favourite Rooster ‘Little Wings’ in spring of 2017, and now ‘Junie’ (yes, a rooster with a girlie name) rules the roost.

Live Hens - $35 each at point of lay, about 5-6 months of age.  Ask us about younger birds or chicks.

Meat Chickens

Our roasting chickens are not the standard supermarket variety. The Mistral Gris breed is a slower growing meat variety favoured for succulent flavour, strong foraging skills, and non-corporate owned genetics. Ranging from 4-7 lbs @ $7/lb. Pre-orders available with $15 deposit/bird. Fresh on September 7, 2017

All chicken is processed in an inspected facility, fed with Certified Organic feed, forage, and on-farm extra produce.

Beware the producer who claims their chickens are ‘organic’, and offers them at a lower price. Truly Certified Organic feed is much more expensive.


$6/dozen, or $4/dozen for Jungle Fowl eggs (they are smaller). From free ranging happy chickens fed Certified Organic feed. Usually pre-sold - please email if you’d like to be on a waiting list for a subscription.


We raise New Zealand White rabbits and value their contributions of fur, meat, lawn mowing, compost creation, and cuteness.  Limited availability - Send an email if you’d like rabbit meat or live bunnies when they become available.

Bee Products

Bees! We experiment with a variety of bee keeping techniques, including a Top Bar hive which provides us with pure and unadulterated comb honey. Honey, propolis, and beeswax are also available to a limited degree.

Fruit, Veggies and Herbs

We sell both our own fruits and the fruits we procure through helping friends and neighbours harvest their annual bounty.

Limited quantities of vegetables are available throughout the season.

A variety of herbs, both culinary and medicinal are often available fresh or dried. 

Nursery Plants

Check out our nursery items on their dedicated page.

Preserved Foods

We dry a wide variety of our harvest to create teas, dried fruit leather, and snacks and soup vegetables for the winter season.  We also can fruits, vegetables, pickles, meats, soups, stocks and sauces.  Our kitchen is often littered with experiments in fermentation - some turn out well, others, not so much!


Product availability varies from season to season and year to year. For most recent availability please ‘like’ our Facebook page, or sign up to our email list.

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