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 Burde Street Community Orchard

The Burde Street Orchard is what remains of one of the City of Port Alberni’s oldest farms. It is home to about 100 established fruit trees - mostly apples, but also pears, plums, cherries, vining fruits and berries.

In 2015, Eden Tree coordinated an educational event for high school students on the property and held discussions with the owner and city representatives to see how the property might best be maintained as an asset for the benefit of the community.

After several meetings (and years!) Eden Tree leased the property with the intention to fully utilize its assets and develop it into a working production farm and community orchard. The Burde Street Community Farm’s first public event, a workshop and hands-on pruning party in January 2018, was attended by over 40 people!

With the support of the property owner, we aim to continue to develop the site in a way that provides area residents with accessibility and benefits - continued educational opportunities and open houses, environmentally responsible production of fruit and its affordable distribution, and protection of this green and ecologically sensitive space within an expanding subdivision. 

For information about site tours, public hours and accessibility, and fruit or juice purchases, please send us an email or stay tuned to our Facebook Page.


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