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Heather Shobe is a certified Permaculture Landscape Designer and Organic Master Gardener. She’s completed a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Community Development at Royal Roads University, and is currently completing a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies. (That means she looking at how we all might be able to better work together!) In her younger years, she’s worked as a squatter in a beach shack, a whale watching tour guide, a Coast Guard Rescue Specialist, and a Paramedic.

Corynn, 13, and Anna, 8, provide laughs, energy, and intensity, and have always been the inspiration for Heather’s work towards a more healthy, sustainable, and food secure community.

Volunteers and friends contribute in a myriad of ways, and of course the whole thing wouldn’t be possible without those of you who seek our services or offer encouragement and inspiration for the process.


Eden Tree aims to contribute to the community by offering permaculture and nature-inspired designs for land use, community projects, and local government programs which create resiliency and encourage interdependence. We seek to offer hope for a way out of the treadmill of modern society, without destruction, but rather through innovation, integration, and adaptation. 


Reduce, Reuse, Rethink, Repair, Renew, Regift, Reflect, Repurpose, Regenerate!

Eden Tree’s work is grounded in and inspired by nature. We aren’t looking for instant bullet solutions, but instead focus on health and diversity for the long term.

On the Farm:

‘What is it wrapped in and can I reuse (not recycle) it?’ is a fundamental question we ask if making a purchase.  We heavily limit plastic packaging for our farm products and encourage clients to ‘value the marginal’ when acquiring or introducing materials themselves.

Visiting our homestead, you will notice various up-cycled products - from milk jugs to wood slabs, furniture to fence posts.  Junky or beautiful? - you decide.

We use and encourage permaculture, biodynamic and no-till techniques in order to lessen the environmental impacts of agriculture and build a healthy, living soil.

In the ‘Office’:

How does one apply Permaculture to consulting or advisory services? It starts with a firm recognition that all systems are made up of diverse elements, and that each of those elements is dependant on, and integral to, the others. Diversity is wonderful. We all fulfill different system needs and functions. The system is bigger than each of us alone. We humans are messy beings, and we have a lot to learn about how to interrelate in a way that will allow us peace, security, and long-term inhabitation of this earth. The good news is that by looking at a problem with an eye towards expansion, we can see the positive and innovative solutions just waiting to be actualized.

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